Theme Learning: Garden

Howdy Folks - Hope your week is treating you well - We sure are having fun over here!  Last week we worked on some nature based activities and again I just want to clear up that we don't spend 9 hours a day on this stuff nor do we focus on what nature is in a textbook way - we just sort of play with the theme as we remember it! 

Our books for the week:
We also read the Nutbrown Hare books Guess How Much I Love You and Colors Colors Everywhere.

Next we:
Played color match up on our felt board!  I made Tulips and Bees then practiced color matching.
We did it several ways - once with the flowers up and matching the bees with no verbal instruction.
Having Big C do the flower and Little C the bees.
Tell them which color to locate and having them place both on there.
The girls also had free time to just play with them and it was sooo cute to hear Little C saying "ellow bee ellow flower, blue bee blue flower as she put each piece up)!

We also did this:
Leaf Rubbings.  Place the leaf under the paper and have the kids color on top!

Then we have this Awesome BookChildren's Crafts & Hobbies Books)
which has tons of pages to practice drawing! 
We copied the tree page and the girls had to draw leaf's onto their trees - so fun!

 We also made garden collages.  Big C helped me cut out lots of plants, tree, grass, flowers, and bugs out of old magazines then both of the girls made their own "gardens".

Other activities we enjoyed were watering our own garden, going on a nature walk, planting some new seeds and just talking about nature and the garden: things like bugs, changing leafs, etc.

Happy Weekend All!

Ash of All Trades 


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