Albertsons Shopping Trip

Yesterday the little ones and I ran to Albertson's for milk (for the girls) and whipping cream (to make homemde ice cream) we also did some stocking up with coupons!  Here is our trip:

The breakdown:
Kraft Ranch Dressing x 2 @ 1.00 each! ($1 off 2 coupon)
Pillsbury Brownie Mix x 4 @ .49 each! (No coupons just a good price)
Pillsbury Brownie Mix x 1 @ .09 each (had a coupon for 40 cents off one)
French's Mustard x 2 @ .69 each! (30 cents off 1 coupon x 2)
Crystal Light To Go Pack @ 1.50! (1.00 off 1 coupon)
Mini Donuts x 2 @ .75 each! (no coupons)
Gallon of Whole Milk @ 3.89 (ouch!)
Heavy Whipping Cream @ 3.79 (bigger ouch!)
Knudson Sour Cream @ 1.50 (no coupons)
Breyers Ice Cream x 2 @ 2.29 each! (1.00 off 2 coupon)
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs x 2 @ .89 each! (1.00 off 2 coupon plus in add 1.39 each coupon)
White Corn x 4 @ .25 each!
Limes x 3 @ .25 each!

Total Before Coupons & Sales: 76.37
Total After Coupons & Sales: 26.18 (my out of pocket cost)
Percent Savings: 66%

So while I may not be as good as the Extreme Couponing Show I think this helps prove that the average person can still save a significant amount plus now I won't have to buy most of that stuff for 3 months which saves me from longer trips later.  I can mostly just run in and buy produce and milk unless I see a great sale and I for one am all about saving time!


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