A Bunch of Money Saving Ideas

We are going to skip theme learning this week since we all had the stomache flu last week and accomplished pretty much nothing other than sleeping and recouperating (which were much needed)!  So we take a break to bring a ton of money saving and money making ideas.  I will be upfront and tell you there are referral links below - if you do not feel comfortable clicking them you may always visit the sites directly however I encourage you to use them and also to create your own for future use!

  1. Swagbucks.com:  I learned about this site approximately a year ago and have since earned over 75 dollars in Amazon.com giftcards.  You use the site to search (I downloaded the search bar to automatically remember to use it) and earn points, earn points for buying groupons, living social deals, etc.  You also earn points for taking a daily poll, trusted surveys, referring friends, and just having the toolbar whether you use it or not.  There is also a coupon section -  you get 10 points for each coupon used and sometimes they are awesome grocery coupons.  Definitely one I would recommend!
  2. Mypoints.com: This is another points based system except for this one you click through e-mails, take surveys, and make your online purchases to regular store through here.  I usually earn $125 per year through mypoints.com  There is currently no referral link if you would like a referral please e-mail me!
  3. Ebates.com: I really should use this site more as they have a set "rebate" amount you receive for online purchases made by clicking throgh - I know a ton of people who order everything online and get back over $300.  For me I started getting $20 here and there and just deposited them never taking advantage of the extra money so I preferred mypoints where I could redeem it for gift cards - my goal this month is to compare the dollar earned between the two before making a purchase. Plus when you sign up through this link we both get $5.
  4. MoneySavingMom.com - I do not earn anything for posting this site it is just absolutely awesome!  She posts just about every deal imaginable plus great recipes, menus, crafts, etc.  It is everything frugal.  Make sure to click store links at the top and sign up to have your local grocery deals e-mailed to you once a week!
  5. Groupon.com:  Another recent one for me this site is AWESOME.  It has allowed the Hubs and I to do more activities with the girls and to purchase amazing presents for others that we wouldn't normally have been able to.  Basically it is a group coupon offering a 50% or more savings on things like giftcards, paddleboating classes, movie tickets, massages, golf, etc etc. Also I recommend watching deals in cities you will be visiting in the future.  You get $10 for every person who signs up under you!
  6. Livingsocial.com:  Much like groupon.com I love this site because it allows you to post a link on Facebook or your blog and if three people purchase the same deal yours is free!  I have received free movie tickets and free amazon giftcards doing this!
  7. Grocery Coupon websites: http://www.redplum.com/, http://www.coupons.com/, http://www.smartsource.com/ and your grocery store i.e. www.ralphs.com/ecoupons.
  8. http://www.couponmom.com/: This site offers coupon match ups - click your local store and it will show you which coupons to use on what products and the percent savings over regular retail.  I always check this site!
  9. Upromise.com: Link your grocery store loyalty cards and/or credit cards plus those of friends and family and earn money for a 529 account.  The money can then be used for your own or others school related expenses.  They also have coupons you can download to your cards and the savings is sent to your upromise account.
  10. Amazon.com has a great program where if you subscribe to receive a product more than once - i.e monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually you receive 15% off.  This is a great deal for things like refrigerator filters (they are the best price around), organic coconut oil, etc etc.
  11. Sign up for newsletters galore!  Sign up for any product, store, or blog's email updates they often send great deals to their regular followers!  (Please create a "junk" email address where all of these e-mails go - it makes it much easier to keep up with the important people in your life)!
  12. Before you buy anything online and pretty much any time you are going to visit a store go to swagbucks.com and search for coupon codes.  If you are going to Barnes and Noble type in barnes and noble coupon codes or if you are looking for Challenge Butter type in challenge butter coupon codes.  This one saves me A TON!
Now I don't suggest you just start doing all of these at once (unless you have a lot of free time and are very enthusiastic!) but I usually try to do one thing a month and see how it works out.  Don't burn yourself out and don't overspend just to get the free gifts - trust me they come much more quickly than you would expect!

Any other fun tips you have to share with us all?


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