April Book Review

An excellent book recommended by a friend with two kids similar in age to mine.  I really enjoyed the prayers offered in this book and picked up some little tips and tidbits to help in the nuances of every day life.  This book has a very mellow tone and is more theologically based than focused on real life events.  A book I would recommend for those of us struggling with thoughts of raising great kids strong in their faith.


A book borrowed from the same friend as above - this is an inspiring book helping ground your roots into why and how your home can make or break you family.  It brings it all back to the basics and I found myself nodding my head yes probably far too often.  Otto does a great job connecting to women through the retelling of situations she went through and that other mom's will go through too.  Some excellent ides on how planning ahead and being prepared can help you enjoy Today more than you worry about tomorrow.  An excellent read for all. 


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