Garden Update

.867 lbs of yellow summer squash

.156 lbs of tomatoes and snap peas

.953 lbs of zucchini

Weekly Total: 1.976 lbs of produce!

Annual Total: 18.7301 lbs of Produce

Now some of you may be wondering what we do with so many squash and zucchini...we eat a lot of them... but we also freeze a lot of them - I chop them, lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze until hard.  Then baggie up and store until needed for a dinner side or in a soup/stew.  Another great idea is to bake muffins or breads with shredded zucchini.  Justin's Aunt is also sending over a zucchini salad recipe soon!
FYI: I only have one zucchini plant and two squash - they grow a lot!

Happy Gardening!


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