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The Homework Debate

There has been a lot of talk recently about an article shown here.  In short there was another study done in which they "prove" that homework isn't needed.  Grades apparently don't increase with homework and there is no correlation to success from homework. 

One school in my area has decided to do away with science homework all together beginning next year.  They feel it is the teacher's job to teach the students during the day and that the kids will be fine and understand the materials.

I beg to disagree. 

Kids benefit from homework for many reasons.  My oldest daughter is a natural student and brings home great grades without putting forth too much effort.  She completes her homework daily and she and I both see a benefit to it.

She would probably still get good grades but not great ones.  In many subjects especially math there are often a couple of problems that she just doesn't understand.  She attempts her best at them and then we talk about how to so…

School Projects

It is that time of year when Open House looms on the calendar for all teachers and parents.  It is the perfect time for teachers to show off all that the students have learned and for parents to come to terms with the fact that their child is about to finish their current grade and move on into the future.

     With Open House comes projects.  Every teacher wants their classroom to showcase the best work and likely some pinterest inspired ideas.  While most projects occur in the classroom at this time (to surprise mom and dad.)  Naturally one or more make it home to be completed in off school hours.

     My oldest two are in the 3rd and 1st grades.  They both have projects looking right now.  My first grader came home with an assignment to learn about an animal and build a pyramid style diorama with writing, a habitat, and a poem.  Cue the complaints from parents.

     It seems in today's world parents don't want to contribute to their child's projects.  Everyone is i…