Dancing Spider Craft

Using the lid off a large container and some black paper.

Trace the circle using chalk.

Cut out the circle and trace a line from the edge up about 4 inches towards the center.
Then cut along this line.

Start making legs by marking off every 1 to 2 inches with chalk on another black paper.

Do the same thing on the opposite side of paper.

Connect the lines so that you have eight strips.

Have your child cut each line to make a strip.

Add google eyes using glue.

Show your child how to accordion fold the leg strips.

Using glue add four legs to each side of the spider.

At the opening from the slit you cut - overlap the edges
and staple together (it creates a three dimensional spider)

Take an extra large rubber band.  This one was about 9 inches in diameter.

Cut the rubber band.

Attach each end to the side of the spider*
We ended up thinking it was better to staple to the tooshie end or where you
overlapped the slit and making it hang rather than having a handle.



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