Theme Learning: Food!

As usual we started our week out with numerous books - many more than this but these were our favorite!
We colored a food pyramid - I colored each label the appropriate color.

And she finished the pyramid.
A lot of good info here.

Little C colored a picture of vegetables!

We used our play kitchen food to have Little C sort by color.
I handed her something, told her the color, and to put it with like objects.
She is getting better at her colors - when she wants to.

Big C sorted the foods by food category per the food pyramid!
We talked a lot about eating a balanced meal but um she doesn't really care.

They also spent a lot of time playing in their kitchen.

And helping mama cook.

Not a whole lot of activities theme learning wise but we had a blast with play dates and my canning party so it was definitely worth it!  More to follow next week!


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