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Sunday Dinner Challenge

Welcome back and boy has this week been crazy!  Our life is pretty jam packed full with three little ones and the activities we feel are important in our lives.  In fact today was the second weekend of Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales which means we still have 4 weeks where we will eat drink and breathe cookies because I am the troop coordinator for both troops.

My pledge to my family during this cookie sale is that I would not let it affect our dinner plans.  Each year something always comes up and I end up dealing with cookies during dinner time.  No bueno.  We eat dinner as a family 95% of the time.  The other 5% is because we have a sports/extracurricular activity and during that time whoever is home eats together.  During cookie time the ratios were reversed!
We eat at the table as a family and we all eat the same thing.  Shocker right.  That doesn't happen very often anywhere anymore.  Especially with a somewhat picky husband and a very picky 7 year old.  Middle C eats quite w…