Firefly Cards

Here is a project we completed during our bug week as well!  Many thanks to I Can Teach My Child for her wonderful ideas (including this one)!

Didn't think to take a picture of me cutting an 8.5 x 11 piece of black
construction paper in half and then folding it in half to make a card but
that is the background for this project - so start there!

Using a high-lighter color in two mailing labels.
Using a pencil color in two mailing labels.

Add to pencil mailing labels in a cross over fashion to the front of the card.

Place one of  the high lighted mailing labels centered over the pencil ones.

Glue on google eyes and use puffy paints for the mouth and antennae.

On the inside use two plain mailing labels and the other high lighted one to make the cute saying.
We also used plain mailing labels to have the girls sign their names on the cards.

Add some star stickers.

Voila a completed card!

And yes we will be using these as Father's Day Cards!

Happy crafting!


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