Book Reviews for June

Another Friday Freebie for my Nook this book was a humorous yet slightly serious book about an older teen going on a modern day scavenger hunt overseas.  This was a quick read taking only three days to get through partly because it was light comical reading and partly because it kept me intrigued enough to not put it down!  While I couldn't relate much to the character's actual experiences I could imagine myself doing many of the "touristy" things she did had I been in a foreign country at the same age (okay I would probably still do them today).  Definitely a keeper and I am looking forward to reading the sequel: The Last Little Blue Envelope

Boy am I loving the Friday freebies right now!  Let me preface this one by saying I didn't think I would use my Nook that often - uh yea right!  This novel is a big intense with some graphic imagery and some not so pleasant to think about topics - but these same topics are experienced by many around us.  While I had to read quickly through some rather gruesome sections I could not put this book down.  I really felt for the characters and enjoyed the role faith and God played large roles in this book.  The author did a great job of portraying God's ever present being during the book yet making you understand how the character's may not have felt it - something I definitely feel in my own life at times.

Lisa See is slowly making her way up my list of favored authors.  Her stories beautifully capture the lives of women in historic China - their lives, secrets, and customs.  She presents the joys, sufferings, and every day events in a realistic manner that makes you relate to the characters - a tough task on many levels.  While I don't know how her novels rank against true history I imagine that there are many pieces which portray the basic facts quite frankly.  In school we learn a lot of historical facts - names, places, wars, etc.  But much past elementary school we learn hardly anything of the day to day lives of real people.  Me - I am a mom living my day to day life - and Lisa See's books greatly inspire me to not only keep going but to document the basics for they are indeed intriguing!

I am making my way through a list of books at a rather quick pace...what can you recommend to me?


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