Garden Update

We had an awesome week - weather wise - until the weekend then we got slammed by wind.  Thankfully we didn't sustain any major damage (although our patio cover tried to fly across the yard and we had to anchor it down better).  The garden is a bit wind blown and everything is leaning but we harvested some yummy food this week:

Two Strawberries @ .5 Ounces

Kale @ 12.25 Ounces

3 Artichoke @ 1 Pound 4.375 Ounces

A Grand total of 2.07 Pounds

The girls ate the strawberries and LOVED them - Little C keeps checking for more every time she goes outside and Big C tells her they are not ready then secretly asks if she can have the next ripe one!  For the kale I am going to try steaming it down like spinach and freezing it?!?  And I cannot wait to steam the artichoke and eat them dipped in mayonnaise - yummy!

Happy Gardening All,

Ash of All Trades


  1. where did you get your food scale? it looks like a nice one!

  2. Thanks Girl with Gumption we got it at Bed Bath and Beyond but they sell it on Amazon too. I am going to do a post of my top ten small kitchen appliances soon! I am missing reading your blog!


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