Garden Update!

We have been having some beautiful weather here in sunny SoCal - thank goodness!  Our plants are loving it so in addition to a weigh in I also have a picture overload of our garden progress!

Artichoke Bloom!

Cantaloupe Vines


Corn Field - hehe!

Raspberry Bush

Roma Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes

Our Banana Tree

Cayenne Pepper

And our weekly garden weigh in!
Artichokes @ .625 lbs

Green Onion @ .219 lbs

Yellow Squash and Carrots @ .55 lbs

Snap Peas @ .055 lbs

Mixed Veggies @ .14 lbs

A total weigh in of: 1.59 lbs!

What are you growing this year?  If nothing what would you grow if you could?


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