Valentine Craft

Yes I know this is delayed but wow this rainy weather has made my mind turn to mush!  Here is a gross motor skill craft I did with the girls last week (or maybe two weeks ago).

We tore up a lot of construction paper:

Then I handed out glue sticks (very cautiously and on a day where I had many patience).  They were supposed to glue the scraps of paper to a construction paper heart (that mommy had precut) - Caylee however was in shock that I handed her a glue stick and proceeded to stab the paper then look at me with huge eyes.

The finished projects did turn out adorable!

We hung them on the bulletin board in our school room.  I hope to give a photo tour of my schoolroom soon (it is a work in progress since Chloee technically hasn't started "school") but it is coming along adorably!

For now,
Ash of All Trades


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