Ship Ahoy!

Thanks to my wonderful brother's annual Disney pass we receive Disney's Family Fun Magazine for free!  This magazine is mighty awesome and I highly recommend it for anyone who either has kids or works with them.  There are some great short articles on kids and lots of activities and crafts.  Most importantly tons of their crafts use regular household items!

So we decided to try and make the boat from the Valentines issue.  Well let's just say that this project was a little over Chloee's head and mommy spent almost 2 hours finishing it...eeek.

But we had a great time and it ended up adorable.

We started by taping a piece of swiffer box to an empty (and clean) Half Gallon Carton:

Then we covered that in construction paper (which didn't go as planned).  This is when Chloee started getting bored -so I let her color and punch out hearts.

Anywho the instructions are in the mag or here.
Our finished project:

The girls are thrilled with the boat and play with it daily (we didn't make it into a Valentines holder)!
Best of luck if  you attempt this craft!

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