Pudding Finger Painting

This a new activity for us - but one that I have read about and seen forever.  Don't ask why we haven't done it before now - I honestly don't know.

The girls loved it - they ate way more than they painted but I was able to get Big C to write her name and draw some shapes then she made me a picture of ummmm something!

So the instructions for this can be easy or hard!
You can make a box of instant pudding per the directions or
Make a batch of homemade pudding!

Then once it is done and set dump some out on a cookie sheet and let them go at it!  I gave some direction but not much - and even though I read that this would be messy I was shocked at how messy it was!  So I would recommend an apron or smock and lots of towels to clean up!

Little C (my eater) absolutely LOVED this one and has gone to the fridge multiple times since asking for puddin.  Yummo!

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