Garden Update

After much work this weekend we have added new compost to all of our boxes, finished our walkway by the boxes & even planted some seeds!  Now to figure out a few more things and we will be in the full swing of things!

Here is our recent harvest: Brocoli!
All 3 ounces of it!

We also picked another lemon off of the lemon tree - but hubby picked it and juiced it in about 2 minutes so I wasn't able to weigh it.  Oh well we will just count the lemons I guess!

But let me tell you those 3 ounces were the freshest sweetest tasting brocoli florets I have ever had - it was melt in your mouth good.  Chloee & Caylee even ate their three required bites without protesting (they refused our offers of more but oh well). 

So here is to the true start of our season - boy do I love California!
(and after a recent conversation with my cousin I couldn't love it anymore - I definately wouldn't want to be waiting to start my garden until May/June - eek)!

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