Best Grocery Deals of The Week

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The newest type of post I will be hosting is a weekly look at the best deals in SoCal grocery stores.  My post will not focus on every product but rather the prices I see that I would be willing to pay and the ones that are stock pile prices.  They will not have coupon match ups with dates but I will let  you know if I think there is a coupon available.  I will cover Albertsons, Stater Brothers, Ralphs & occasionally Cardenas plus any other rock bottom prices I might find!

So without further ado:

88 cents/lb Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs or Legs (with skin) this a price I would buy one to have.
99 cents/dozen eggs - This is an awesome price even cheaper than Costco - definite buy.
1.50/6oz blueberries - this is an okay price but probably the best around for awhile.
That was pretty much it - slim pickings this week!

Stater Brothers:
$2.99/3lbs of Cuties Mandarin Oranges paired with a coupon this is really good for this time of year.
.99/lb for green seedless grapes - definitely would buy this as one of our weekly fruits.
$1.49/box Eggo Waffles - again with a coupon would buy but not stockpile they go as low as .99.
.99/10oz Cacique Chorizo - great stock up price unless you have a Smart & Final or Winco by you.
.99/lb of Farmer John hot dogs - again great price but sadly my kids won't eat them.
.59/can of Cambells Soup - good price but again wouldn't stockpile maybe buy 2-3
3 for .99 Lemons - Awesome price - think of things you like lemons for and buy them!
.99/lb for Organic Navel Oranges this is a good price if you buy organic.

Ralphs (my favorite)!
$1 for Hass Avocados - would buy a couple for the week.
$1 for 1lb Roma Tomatoes - good if you need them but they aren't the best flavor right now.
$1 for 1lb baby carrots - awesome price especially if you have a Ralphs coupon to take .60 off.
$1 for a Mango - again would buy 1 or 2.
Must buy 10 of the following to get the price listed:
1.99 for General Mills cereal - great buy and with coupons I will stock up!
1.69 for Cheetos or Fritos - good buy for a treat and I think there are coupons out on these.
2.69 for Breyers Ice Cream - not a bad price - better if  you have a coupon.
.99 for Cambells Chunky Soup - great price with coupons and would stock up.
.89 for Kraft BBQ sauce - good price and would buy a few (especially with coupons)
.98 for Colgate toothpaste - Awesome stock up price especially with $1 off coupons then they are free!
.99 for Navel Oranges - great price and they are in season.

As for Cardenas I will post any super deals when I see them but for things like citrus, herbs, spices, or mexican vegetables that is the place to go.  We also stock up on their boneless skinless chicken leg meat when it goes on sale for .89 / pound - yes a killer deal - I bought 30 pounds last time.

Hope this helps ya'll decipher which prices are good and which ones are just okay.  Sale prices are tricky - just because it's on sale doesn't mean you need to buy it.  This should help you figure out the rock bottom prices on many items!

Tomorrow I will post some of my favorite features about Ralphs and later in the week I will explain where I get my coupons and how I use them to my advantage!

For now,
Ash of All Trades!


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