Menu Planning!

Happy Valentines Day Folks! 
Here is my meal plan for this week:

Monday: French Toast, Grapes
Tuesday: Cereal, Yogurt, Pineapple
Wednesday: Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Pineapple
Thursday: Eggs, Toast, Kiwi
Friday: Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Peaches

Monday: Bologna Sandwiches (the girls will eat it with crackers and cheese), Pineapple
Tuesday: Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Cheez-Its, Grapes, Yogurt
Wednesday: Pasta & Sauce, Peas, Meatballs
Thursday: Tuna Sandwiches, Grapes, Veggie
Friday: Soup & Grilled Cheese (its supposedly going to rain)

Sunday: Dressed Up Bacon Burgers, BBQ Potato Wedges, Asparagus
Monday: Stoeffers Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad
Tuesday: Tamales, Beans, Rice
Wednesday: Special Chicken Packets, Garlic Butter Pasta, Veggie
Thursday: Lasagna Leftovers, Salad, Bread
Friday: Lemon Asparagus Chicken & Potato Bake (mmmmm)
Saturday: Steak & Fish (marinades to be determined), Baked Beans, Veggies

Snacks: Yogurt, Fruit, Cheese, Crackers, Popcorn, or Raisins w/cheerios.

Ash of All Trades


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