My favorite store - by far!  I absolutely heart Ralph's!  Here is why:
  1. Double Carts - They have double carts a la Costco style - with two kids these are A-mazing!
  2. Great prices on the widest variety of products!
  3. They double coupons up to $1.00 (a .30 coupon will be .60 and .75 coupon will be 1.00).  This allows me to get many things for free!
  4. Great sales - not only is everything reasonably priced (for So Cal) but they also have awesome sales - I get more things for free or near free here than any other store!
  5. Ralph's Rewards - their rewards program is awesome I get 1 point for each dollar spent, 5 points per reusable bag I bring and there are often extra ways to earn points.  Then every quarter they take your point total and for every 100 points (not dollars because of my reusable bags!) I get a $1 reward - I usually get 7-8 dollar offs and my budget is not even that high for a quarter of groceries! 
  6. Rewards Coupons - after signing up for a rewards card you also get on their mailing list - which is a good thing - monthly I receive coupons in the mail based upon my purchases at Ralph's - they are almost always things I buy since they track my shopping!
  7. E- Coupons: You can register your Ralph's Rewards card on Ralph's website and upload coupons straight from the site onto your card!  These often stack with paper coupons and again provide free products!
  8. Contests:  They also have these amazing contests online where you play a slot machine type game and win prizes (a free product) which is uploaded to your card and you go buy it swipe your card (or enter your phone number if like me you lost your card years ago) and bam it is FREE.
  9. They also have awesome customer service for problems (rare) but just in general - they know me by name, they love the girls, the store director is always there having a great time with his employees and it makes me feel like a person - in this time of "e" everything I do love feeling special to a few cashiers and baggers!
So I hope you will at least take a look at your weekly Ralph's ad or try to go shopping there sometime it really is awesome!  This doesn't mean I only shop at Ralph's though and I do get frustrated when there aren't great sales in week (rare) which makes me shop at another store but I am trying to save the most money and go where ever that will happen each week!

Thanks for reading,
Ash of All Trades


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