Garden Update!

Last weekend we harvested some yummy broccoli and lemons.  Pictures below only show one lemon however because Justin forgot about my garden project and used two lemons without weighing them!  We will just be adding the weight of the lemons based on one we picked after (they are all about the same size). 

6 and 7/8 Ounces!
The lemon was 5 and 1/8 ounce x 2 = 10 1/4 Ounces
So a total of 1lb 1.125 ounces!

Now just a forewarning you can buy many different types of seeds and plants some will say "giant" and produce large produce.  Most produce grown in your backyard though will probably be a bit on the small side like our artichokes last year!  Although some will be large as we learned with huge zucchini and squash last year!

Last update is that I was able to plant my grape tomato and tomatillo seeds (indoors) this week!
Now to plant some more next week!

Happy Gardening!

Ash of All Trades


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