Stater Brothers Savings!

Having been inspired by Money Saving Mom - I have been saving a ton on groceries and have even been buying specialty items for hubby and the girls!  Now in order to save so much I have a huge stockpile and never go to the store to just buy anything.  My trips are incredibly planned out and matched with coupons.

Since Stater Brother's is celebrating 75 years they are having a great sale including many 75 cent items!  This wasn't a huge stock up but I did get many things that will last us months!

Producer, Meat, Juices, Sauces, Junk Food It's All There!

Here are the potatoes.

Look at all of that food!  The receipt says I should have paid: $84.91
My actual total paid: $44.28!

Yes, I saved more than 50% and bought numerous things that will last months and some things I had to buy anyways.  Plus the buffalo chicken strips were a treat for Justin (who has been staying up until 1am daily trying to get his schoolwork done) and Pink Lemonade for the girls to enjoy as it is their favorite drink!  The stoeffers lasagna is what we buy every year for Valentines Day so that neither of us have to cook (not to mention we have eaten it every Vday since our first one 8 (oh my) years ago!

So what did I get for this amount:

2 Minute Maid Pink Lemonades @ .75 each
1 Minute Maid Limeade @ .75 each
1 Gallon of Whole Milk @ $2.69 - .55 coupon!
Party Size Stoeffers Lasagna @ 8.99 - $1 coupon.
2 Knorr Pasta Sides @.75 each - $1 off 2 coupon
2 La Victoria Taco Sauce (a treat for mommy - I grew up with these mmm) @1.99 each - $1 off 2 coupon
2 Wishbone Dressings @ .75 each - 50cent coupon
2 Pounds of Farmland Hickory Bacon @ 2.50 each.
Foster Farms Frozen Buffalo Strips @ 4.99 - $1 coupon.
2 Packages Farmer Johns Hot Dogs @ .75 each.
3 Oscar Meyer Salamis  @.75 each. (Rock Bottom Stock up price)
3 Oscar Meyer Bologna @.75 each. (Rock Bottom Stock up price)
2 1.5 lb packages of Hot Jennio Turkey Sausage @ Buy One Get One Free (Rock Bottom Price)
3 Large Hass Avocados @ .75 (good for the size)
Green Bell Pepper @ 1.00
2.27 Pounds of Minneola Tangelos @.75 per pound
2 5# bags of Baking Potatoes @ .75 each for a 5# bag.
1 Mango @ $1 (because Caylee wanted it)

My coupon savings: 6.05
My Stater Savers sale Savings: 34.58
Total Saved: 40.63

So check out Money Saving Mom and for those of you who live in So Cal keep checking here as I will be posting more grocery deals!


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