Garden Project 2011!

Yahoo for 2011 - a new year of gardening!  So this year we will get our garden fully set up and going (actually we just started this and planted asparagus and strawberries).  Our fall garden is fully in force and we have many things growing!

Asparagus box with 9 roots!

8 Strawberry plants here with another two in a pot!

So for Christmas I asked "Santa" for a food scale and while "Santa" didn't come through Justin used some Perk Points from work to purchase me this awesome food scale:

Isn't it a beauty!

So we are going to use this food scale for many many things (like splitting up huge packages of meat)!  But my biggest reason for wanting one of these is for our 2011 Garden Project.  We will be weighing all of the produce we pick this year!

So to start it off - a head of romaine lettuce: 

5 and 5/8 ounces of homegrown pesticide free lettuce.

And some citrus:
Yep 9 and 5/8 ounces of fruit!

Stay tuned for lots more fruits & veggies.

~Ash of All Trades


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