Big Girl Room Unveiled!

So Little C decided that she would like a big girl bed.  And that she didn't want diapers. So for the last two weeks we have been redoing her room and potty training!  Now while neither one if completely done they are fully improved and fully functioning.  Her theme as shown above is owls and nature!

Now this was a thrifty room makeover (and sorry but I don't have any nursery pictures on this computer!) but still expensive considering we went from crib & changing table to bed, dresser, and armoire.  We did luck out and actually gave Big C's furniture to Little C and purchased Big C a new bed, dresser, and desk from the neighbor (half of for only 9 month old furniture) LOVE IT! 
Big C's room is still in progress so no pictures yet but back to Little C's room!

Here we used some garland at Michael's (Buy One Get One Free) to make a unique "moulding" of sorts.  $50 and one extra garland later voila! Add in a decorative armoire with Porcelain dolls from my childhood and we have an instant girly girl room!

Here we bought paper maiche letters and painted them with craft paint.  Total cost $6 (I had the paint and brushes at home)! The girls were just itching to get in the shot then I took the picture and Caylee started running away - eek.

Here is the newest addition added yesterday - a vinyl wall decal.  If you have seen or used these before you must try them - they are fabulous!  This one is a huge 5.5 foot tree and was $39.99 on amazon.  They also sell awesome ones on etsy.

The wall decal also came with these critters (the flowers and squirrel not the girls) and there is an adorable hedgehog behind Little C.  She is so cute she gets up in the morning and says HI to all of her animals.

Okay then we have this wall (with the adorable bed) and it is plain...blech.  We are definitely getting this monogrammed vinyl decal for above the bed in pink.  But other than that that wall boggles my mind.

So there is our newest Big Girl room!  Meal planning tomorrow and some other decorating blogs coming up!

~Ash of All Trades


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