Tomatoes A Plenty - Weekly Weigh In

Our asparagus plant is growing like crazy and I am thinking these red balls mean it is getting closer to time to cut it down for the winter.  Next season I will take pictures of how we are growing asparagus (and we might even get to eat some next year!)  But for those who don't know ( I sure didn't) it looks like a crazy fern and is a forever plant (seriously it lasts around 30 years) so you just cut it back each year and then next year it will grow in!  Now for our weekly weigh in:

1.138 lbs of cucmbers
sweet sweet cucumbers!

.406 lbs of basil and tomatillos

2.06 lbs of tomatoes and habeneros

.609 lbs of cherry tomatoes

We also had two onions, more basil, and some roma tomatoes that the hubby needed for bruschetta - so he cut them and used them not even stopping to think about weighing them....oh well!

Our total week's weight is: 4.213 lbs

Annual total: 136.477 lbs!


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