Green Enchiladas (gone sour)!

 Green Enchiladas Recipe
(the semi quick semi homemade way)!

 Heat half a big can of enchilada sauce in a shallow skillet.

 Heat a skillet of canola oil.
You want it to cover the corn tortillas for sure and be about an inch or more deep.

 Once the oil is heated place the tortilla in and fry for 15 seconds.
Flip over with tongs and fry another 15 seconds or so.
You don't want them crispy but you also want to make sure they aren't as raw.

 You can add chopped or shredded chicken if you like!
Yes I like the Hubs does not.
The girls are undecided some days they do and some not so much.

 Have your shredded cheese ready in a bowl.

 Place a thin layer of sauce at the bottom of the Pyrex baking dish.
Then dip your fried tortilla in the heated enchilada sauce and lay in the pan.

Layer your chicken (if using) and then cheese.  
Roll the enchilada and repeat to make as many as desired.
Then pour extra enchilada sauce over the whole pan.
Sprinkle the whole pan with lots of cheese.
Bake @ 425 degree for 10-20ish minutes (until the cheese is melted).
Serve hot with beans and rice.

Notice I don't have a picture of them done that would be because:
First make sure you try the cheese - because if it went bad then you couldn't eat the whole big tray you slaved over - well you could but you would be sick - profusely so.

Yes this happened to me...on my husband's birthday (except we caught it and didn't eat them - phew).
But I ruined his birthday dinner.
And then made up for it by taking him out for enchiladas a couple nights later and they were perfect!

What have you goofed up on recently? Or not so recently?
(come on don't be shy please make me feel better)!


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