Theme Learning: Eyes!

This past week we did a theme of Eyes for Little C (big c also participated of course!)

We read some great books on eyes such as:

Dr. Seuss' The Eye Book
Eric Carle's Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do you See
Judy Hindley's Eyes Nose Fingers and Toes

We also played tape the eye on the face.
Then laughed at how funny she looked!

We colored in eye coloring sheets and labeled the parts.
Little C is getting much better at attempting to color within a particular area!

(Sorry this is side ways it won't let me change it)
I drew people and we talked about their different body parts.

We cut face pieces out of magazines then glued
 them into our Taro Gami book.

Big C's man face!

We also sang Head Shoulders Knees and Toes many times
and pointed out the color of everyone's Iris (our vocab word).

We also focused on the letter D, color Blue, Diamond, and #4.

It was a very productive week and Little C is LOVING all of the activities we are doing each week!
Every morning she says "me eat, me school"!

Happy Learning All!


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