How to Grow Garlic

 Here are the simple steps we used to grow our own garlic!
(Let me just add it had the best flavor ever)!

Start with a bulb of garlic - just buy it at the grocery store,
please do not waster your money on bulbs from any gardening center.

Break each clove off.
You will get a better crop if you use only the large cloves.

Push the clove into the soil - pointy side up.
You can plant it in a box, in the ground, or in a pot!
You don't need to peel it after it is separated just stick the whole thing in.

Make sure it is in the soil.
Then water every few days (unless it is over 100 then every day would be better)!

In a week or two you should see little garlic sprouts!
Keep watering every couple of days - you don't want the soil to completely dry out
 but nor do you want it to be a swamp as the garlic clove could mold.

For big full heads of garlic plant sometime in the fallish months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
Then harvest sometime between June and August (when the "leafy" tops are dead).

This also works for elephant garlic!


  1. Hey so I am thinking since I love garlic to do this. Living in an apartment do you think one of those little box things will work? I get plenty of sun. Thanks Ash. Sorry I am a little behind in reading! ;)

  2. Hey Jen! If you have lots of sun then yes I definitely think a box would may want to put plywood on the bottom to make sure the soil doesn't stain the concrete and just know you would have to take it apart if you moved. Otherwise you could definitely do it in a pot. Or you could do 1 x 1 boxes or a 2x2 and grow some herbs or lettuce. Let me know what you decide!


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