Garden Update - The Pumpkin is Turning!

Our biggest and pumpkin (yes a little scratched up) is turning orange if only ever so slowly!  We are bummed to only have two pumpkins growing this year but extremely hopeful that he will be ORANGE in a week...we are counting down to Halloween over here!

.69 lbs of produce

.234 lbs of basil

1.02 lbs of tomatoes

.35 lbs of chilies

.56 lbs of tomatillos

.53 lbs of cherry tomatoes

Total weight this week: 3.384 lbs of produce!

Annual Total: 139.861 lbs


  1. True story: I picked what I thought was a watermelon and the kids were so excited and it turned out to be a green pumpkin! I had no idea they would look so similar before turning!

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  3. @Heather: That is such a cute story and yes they are surprisingly similar! Last year ours didn't turn orange until Christmas Eve! Silly pumpkins.


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