Apes & The Best of Me- A Book Review (or two)

We started off the week on the right foot and then ended up with head colds for a few days..while we all rested this mama read a few books I have been dying to get to!

Ape House by Sarah Gruen

   This book far exceeded my expectations and is a wonderful addition to Sarah Gruen's collection (she is the author of Water for Elephants).  An excellent story about one person's devotion to a group of Bonobo Apes this fantastic story had just enough twists and turns to keep me turning page after page as well as enough emotion to draw me in to each of the characters.  While the relationship between the Isabelle and the reporter is a bit awkward at times (it probably could have been left out) I enjoy how the reporter is able to put the story aside to actually care for the topic (apes) and the subjects (bonobos and their "mom").  This story tore at my heart as a mother which Isabelle definitely is to this troop of Bonobos.  While truly a novel this story also gave some unknown history on Bonobos and delved into intriguing pieces of information that I previously did not realize.  I especially liked the "attack" on reality T.V. and how far some people feel they need to take it to entertain society.  All in all an amazing novel that can either be read just as a novel or also interpreted to have societal complaints.

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

  It is tradition that I read every single one of Nicholas Sparks books within a relatively short period of time after it's release and this one was no different.  Having started the book early one afternoon I continued reading until just before dinner at which time I had finished! (Many a thanks to my amazing husband for occupying the kids).  Again Nicholas Sparks does not disappoint as I was extremely intrigued by this new book and even felt there were more unexpected occurrences than in his previous books - this kept me on my seat for sure.  The story of Dawson Cole (I feel it is more his story than anyone elses) tugs at my heart strings for a life that was fated to touch on cruelty for it's entire course.  Reading through his past and then cheering for the future left me attached to the character with feelings of a friend and mother, sister or daughter.  The end of the book was very comforting for me and definitely reminded me that everything happens for a reason. 
I have only two regrets with this book - one, that the characters I conjure in my head are Noah and Allie from The Notebook and I don't think anyone else will fit in their place and two - that having read it in one sitting I am yearning for more Sparks. I cannot wait until next fall to read Sparks' newest addition!


  1. Excellent story about love and loss...makes one think about their past...and how it affects them now.I finished this in a couple of days.. Each book of his is a different love story. I never get tired of reading his novels. Def a must read for women!


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