Theme Thursday: Bible Studies!

Welcome to theme Thursday all!  This week I thought we would take a look at how we are studying the Bible and our Catholic faith.  While the girls are only 4.5 and 2.5 I feel that it is important to begin teaching them of our faith.  In addition to weekly mass attendance (which we have been doing since they were each 6 weeks old) we have now begun the following activities!

Each morning we read a bible story - out of both the traditional Catholic Bible and the Children's Rhymn Bible pictured above.  It is important for them to listen to biblical readings early as this is how they are read in mass and also the reference point for later life.  I also want them to be able to understand the stories and learn from them - hence the Children's storybook bible!

Then we color in some matching pages from our Bible Coloring Book!

We pick a major story and follow it all week - reading portions of it each day
and coloring in portions of the story each day.

Examples: Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, Tower Of Babel. etc

We also have a book of Children's Activities based upon Catholic Holy Days and people of importance (saints).  Each month I look to see what days are coming up and we try to do an activity for each of those.

Lastly there are several important time periods in which we use family traditions and household decor to help teach the beliefs and stories of our faith.  Examples would be Advent and Christmas as well as Lent and Easter (posts on these separate events coming during the appropriate time frame)!

I encourage you whatever your faith may be to take some time and find a way to pass your knowledge and beliefs on to your children!

Happy Learning!


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