Garden Update Minus Pics!

So sorry folks but the above picture is from a few weeks ago and I have no new pictures for this week.  Our Goddaughter was born last week and we left the camera at the hospital following her birth (on purpose)...I don't mind one bit at having not had it!  

Our total weight though (yes I weighed it just didn't photograph it) is:

.412 lbs + 3 lbs + 1.12 lbs + 4lbs

Which consisted of cherry tomatoes, basil, roma tomatoes (galore), 2 nice big cucumbers (plus lots more coming) and some onions!

For a total weekly harvest of:  8.532 lbs! (this is thankfully heavier than Audrey's birth weight)!

Our annual total is:  132.264!

Wholly guacamole - we haven't harvested any pumpkins and none of our fruit trees bared any fruit this year - what is going to happen in the next few years when everything is producing!  Ahhhh I cannot wait to be able to can and freeze and can some more and give lots away and I even jokingly (semi) told the girls instead of a lemonade stand they could have a produce stand?!?

Anywho hope you all are having a great week and are ready for picture overload of our fall/winter crops next week!


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