Theme Thursday: Penguins

This week we learned about penguins - rockhopper, african black footed, empire, etc etc.
We read some great books:
Penguin Pete
The Little Penguin
A Penguin Story
Busy Penguins (A Busy Book)

Watched the penguins at
(the girls loved watching them eat - this was my favorite activity)!

We printed an image of a penguin mask onto card stock.
Colored it in...

And turned it into a mask!

We found this toilet paper roll craft online.

Cut out the pieces.

Started gluing them on.

Had to trim our toilet paper roll - oops!

Here is her tuxedo!

Added a bow!


We also did a color by number (Big C) and coloring sheet (Little C)
Waddled like penguins, ate ice cream and tried to make a penguin next out of rocks
but mama didn't charge the camera so we don't have proof of any of that!

Happy Learning!


  1. You always have such creative ideas! I love seeing what's new on your blog; I always know there will be something new on here that will excite me!


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