Theme Thursday - 4th of July!

Construction Paper Wind Socks!

Take some blue paper.

Different sized star cookie cutters.

White and Red Tempera Paint.
Use the cookie cutter as a stamp - dip it in paint and stamp it down on blue paper.

Keep going until the page is full!

Finished product a la Little C

Roll your paper into a roll and staple the edges.

Meanwhile cut some red white and blue yarn into pieces (your choice on length)

Using a hole puncher.

Punch two holes on the "top" of  your paper roll.
They should be halfway on each side.

Tie string through each hole to create a handle.

Make a bunch of hole punches on the bottom of the roll.
Then tie string on to all of these.

Show mama your beautiful wind socks!

*You could make these with any other theme we just chose the 4th
because they make my house look festive!


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