Garden Updates - Corn is In!

2.04 lbs of corn on the cob!

Our corn is starting to mature and well we didn't water for a couple of days and the husks died on a few so we picked them!  We plant to eat them on Wednesday so I will let you know how they taste - they look delicious!  Other than that we have a ton of produce in every stage - the cherry tomatoes have been turning red and boy are they delicious (most aren't getting weighed just going straight into Little C's mouth)!

Basil, cherry tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and tomatillos
.382 lbs

.555 lbs of garlic!

.011 lbs of
cherry tomatoes and tomatillos

1.5 lbs of zucchini and squash

Week Weight: 4.488 lbs of produce
Annual Weight: 35.798 lbs of produce!

Anyone know how to get rid of grasshoppers?
Every time I kill 3 I find 10 more.


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