Paper Flag Craft

Here is another craft we did in honor of America's Birthday.  
Other than that we talked about independence day and had a huge 4th of July block party.

 Take a sheet of red construction paper or card stock and make lines.
I did not do mine to scale with the traditional flag as my girls were impatiently waiting to start.
It was roughly 8 inches and I made a line roughly every inch.

 Cut a 3" x 4" piece of blue construction paper.
 Glue the blue construction paper onto the red.

 Tear up some white construction paper into little pieces.
Glue on the red paper inside every other line.

 Voila here is Big C's creation!

Oh and our backyard caterpillar turned cocoon finally became a butterfly.
This is not a very good shot of him but all we got before he flew off.

Now we are watching the transformation of a tomato worm into a five spotted hawkmoth.
Pictures to follow.

The next theme of the week is Penguins!
After that the Beach!


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