Ralphs Shopping Trip Spent 35.48 and Saved 61.87

Here is what I bought at Ralphs yesterday!
This was not a weekly shopping trip but a special stock up trip plus some extra's for our staycation this weekend.  My goal is to not have to cook or clean much between today and Tuesday morning!

So I bought:
2 Boxes of Raisin Bran @ 1.49 each which is a great price!
2 Stoeffers Lasagnas @ 1.79 each for quick lunches!
6 Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies @ .89 Stock Up Price
2 Cans of Pringles for our beach and pool trips @ .99 each
2 Jars Classico Alfredo Sauce @ 1.29 each
1 yoplait yogurt (the last one) @ .70 (if I had bought six I could have gotten a better price)
1 Pack Van De Kamps Donuts @ 1.50
Ralphs Pretzel Sticks @ 1.50
Value Time Bread for the hubs @ .99
Thomas English Muffins @ 1.79
Seedless Watermelon @ 3.51 (.29/lb)
4 Bananas @ .88
Mango @ 1.00
Avocado @ 1.00
Kettle Chips @ 1.49
4 Colgate Toothpastes @ Free!
2 Loreal Kids Shampoos @ 1.50 each
3 Bags of M&Ms @ .33 each

The items in bold were on sale and I had coupons
everything else was just the sale price!

Percent savings: 63.55%
While this is not my normal shopping trip I do aim to save at least 33% and usually am able to keep my savings @ 40-50%. 
Things like chicken and beef I buy in bulk when it is super cheap (like 89 cents a lb for boneless skinless thigh meat, 1.79 for breasts or 2.99 for beef flank or flap meat).  Those savings trips are usually even a higher percentage because I will buy 30 lbs of chicken or 20 lbs of beef at once.

Stockpiling is the key to saving a ton of money consistently!

Happy shopping,

Ash of all trades


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