Garlic, Carrots, & More!

The garden is growing great - other than the tomato plants I had to pull out and replant - ugh don't know what happened there.  Hopefully this new batch will do well - I may have planted those last ones a bit early.  Some of the corn should be ready next week and several cherry tomatoes and things are just about ready!  We also got the last of our berry plants planted and decided on a pomegranate tree for a bare spot in our yard.  Yahoo for plans and produce!

.32 lbs of carrots and cherry tomatoes

.25 lbs of garlic

1.445 lbs of squash and zucchini

.977 lbs of zucchini and squash

.125 lbs of basil, cayenne peppers, tomatillos, two tomatoes

3.352 lbs of zucchini
(Yes we will be eating zucchini forever)!

Total Week Weight: 6.47 lbs of produce
Year to Date: 37.78 lbs of produce!


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