This year the Hubs and I are traveling to Pennsylvania for his graduation from Penn State's MBA program and after much deliberation we have decided to leave the little ones behind.  With that being said we still wanted to spend some quality family time together and thus decided to have a 4 day "staycation"!

Our 4 days started out with a trip to Newport Beach - this being Little C's first time at the beach since before she was walking it was quite the new adventure!  Both girls loved the sand and eventually the water but most of all the people!  We met some lovely people from Canada and Colorado and had a ton of fun all day!

Big C buried in sand!

Daddy's Myan Ruins castle!

Little C loved the sand - and had it everywhere!

Sand angels!

Didn't wait two seconds before digging in!

Next we visited the La Habra Children's museum.
We also went art supply shopping at Target
and tried to get daddy a suit and shoes at the Brea Mall.

OCTA Bus at the La Habra Children's Museum

Southern Pacific Caboose at the La Habra Children's Museum

Then we played at home some, went to church and out to lunch. 

Sliding with her cup!

Sliding head first just to give mommy a heart attack.

We also visited Uncle Tom and Aunt Tamae to do some swimming!
The girls loved the pool until Little C insisted she could do it on her own.
Once her head went under she refused to swim again...until later.

Enjoying the pool and the friends!

Lastly we spent a day seeing the new Winnie the Pooh Movie (it was great and Little C did fairly well - I won't be taking her back anytime soon but since the movie was only 1 hour it was great), painting bird houses, making our shell treasure boxes and relaxing.

We did a lot of eating out (my rule was as little cooking and cleaning as necessary)
and are sooooo ready to get back on schedule with our more balanced and less fatty meals!

What vacations are you taking?
If you aren't what would you do if you could?


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