Produce Galore!

The cantaloupes are ripening quicklywe picked six this week!
Let me tell you a secret: Home Grown Cantaloupe Tastes Nothing Like Store Bought
This Stuff Tastes Like Heaven.  I have eaten three myself...

1st Cantaloupe @ 2.14 lbs

Cantaloupe @ 1.84

Two more @ 2.69 lbs

Awesome Carrots @ .664 lbs

.69 lbs of Sweet Corn
But it is dry when we cook it....

.05 lbs of Basil

.617 lbs of veggies

Anaheim Chilis & More at .289 lbs

Tomatillos @ .445 lbs

.086 lbs of cherry tomatoes

.422 lbs

1.992 lbs of Zucchini

3.001 lbs

.195 lbs of Tomatillos

What a ton of produce!

Week's Weight:  15.116 lbs of Produce!
Total Weight: 50.92 lbs


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