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Happy Friday all!  Just wanted to end the week with a new feature - every Friday I will be posting activities we have done in the previous week - all related to a theme.  This is our newest "home school" adventure as we dive into helping Little C and her possible speech delays.  We are striving to enhance her learning by repeating many common words and working on basic concepts such as colors, numbers, shapes, etc.  Big C will also be way involved and so far is loving the play based nature of this schooling!  So without further ado our first theme: Bears.

We started the week by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Then we reenacted the story too many times to count...seriously more than 20 times.  We had different sized bowls, spoons, Tupperware, they used different sized pillows for beds and we all took turns playing different characters (we actually played this everyday for the whole week).  So fun!

Another day we had a teddy bear picnic and the girls got to eat lunch with a whole lot of teddy bears.  We read the story Teddy Bears' PicnicChildren's Bear Books) and sang a song.

I also made three bears of differing sizes for the the girls to 1. order by size and 2. reenact the stories again.  Alas Mama Bear is missing and we can't find her - the girls loved these guys and played with them all week so it is no surprise that one of them went missing (I am guessing it is under Little C's bed as she had been trying to take them to sleep with her - gotta check there tomorrow).

Then we made...Bear Bread.  This was a nice project as Big C had an awesome time measuring and mixing ingredients.  They both helped me knead the dough and then they each got to shape the bears.  Lets just say the one on the left is Little Cs "bear" the middle one is Big C's (its sleeping under a blanket but has eyes, a nose, and a mouth) and Mommy's is on the right.  The bread didn't taste great but it was an awesome activity either way.

Most of these activities came from ideas in the book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5: Over 600 Favorite Activities Created by Teachers for TeachersChild Care Books).  This book is AWESOME it has hundreds of activities based upon different themes and also sorts them based upon skill such as gross motor versus speech versus math.  There are several more in the series and I am determined to buy them all!

Next week we are going to work on a "Garden" theme!

Happy Learning,

Ash of All Trades


  1. If there ever is a series of books that you want, I would love to buy them with you. We can split the cost and pass these books around!! ~Lachmi


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