Canvas Art

Hope this week is treating you all well - I know I am thrilled to have a huge project done!  The canvas art for Big C's Room!  These were a lot of fun and a lot of work - while they didn't come out looking "professional" I do feel that they turned out awesome - considering I am not artsy (craftsy yes artsy no) and have NEVER EVER painted anything before! 

So we started with four 20" x 20" canvases from Michaels (they were 40% off and only cost $29 total!) you can also get them on (Art Alternatives Original Cotton Stretched Studio Canvas -)

To paint them a solid color I just poured paint all over then used foam brushes to even it out!  We just used the big bottles of Acrylic Paint like this.

A couple of finished ones - we thankfully had a huge box left over from our new shed!  Kept the mess to a minimum and kind of kept it out of the kids way!

Now these are in no way free handed - we used a projector and computer printouts to draw the outline then filled them in with the same acrylic paint we used for the background.  This is one of the completed canvases - the flowers were the easiest since in person they look great with a little background color showing through so they didn't need three coats!

And here they are hung!  Adorable and now her ginormous empty wall is filled! 
A whole wall of art for less than $40!

Happy Painting,

Ash of All Trades


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