Painting a Bird house

Here is a project we did a couple weeks ago - painting a wood bird house we picked up at Michael's!  Big C loved this project and can't wait to paint more in the future!

An old egg carton as a paint palette.

One paint for each egg holder.

The birdhouse Big C picked out!

The finished project!

Back & Side View

Other Side View

As a mom it can be really tough to let your kid's be as creative as they want (at least when you are a Type A personality like me) it has taken many projects to just allow her to do what she wants.  My personality would demand each piece of the house be colored in and that the colors "match" so to speak.  Once I let go of that and let her do her thing I am able to LOVE her projects and her explanations:

The front is brown so that it looks like a tree or nest so that they will think it is a safe home.  The sides and back have colors like flowers and sunshine and clouds.  She didn't just paint it as I used to think she really thought out how she wanted everything so that it would be perfect for her birds!  Oh the simplicity - raising these two girls makes me yearn for the simple life!

Happy Painting!

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