Flannel Board How To

While the rest of the country is preparing for the end of the school year we are just beefing up some activities for the girls to enjoy these next few months - but more on that later.  For now I wanted to get working on a flannel board so we can use some felt cutouts for our upcoming themes. Without further ado:

Materials: 24 x 30 Foam Board, and 30 x 34 Piece of Flannel in a solid color, hot glue gun.

Step 1: Center the foam board on the fabric. (You may want to iron the fabric if it is wrinkled).  Then glue the edges down making sure it is tight.

All done. Yep one step.

Add some felt cutouts and voila - a perfect learning toy.
Less than 10 minutes and less than 10 dollars later!


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