Garden Update

Homegrown Chives @ a Whopping .008 Pounds

Sage and Snap Peas - What a Delight!
(More on them later)

.406 Lbs of Romaine Lettuce - Yum!

Ahh yes Fresh Sage @ .023 Lbs

Sugar Snap Peas - I am soooo excited for these little guys - a delicious afternoon snack!

.055 lbs of Snap Peas!

Little Strawberry # 1

Little Strawberry #2

We also picked three or four leaves of kale and some fresh thyme but hurriedly threw them into our meal rather than photographing them!

The food scale I use is from hereand we LOVE it.  I buy meat in bulk and weigh it out into meal sized portions, measure herbs and spices, and of course do our garden updates with it!

So a total of .492 lbs of weighed produce this week!

Our plants are really starting to fill in with little zucchinis and squashes outside, many more snap peas, tons of kale (of course), tomatoes the size of cadbury eggs, yes it is turning into heaven!

What's everyone else growing right now?

Ash of All Trades


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