Book Review: Water For Elephants

A gift from my mom I didn't even know this book was a current movie I had just seen a synopsis on someone else's blog and wanted to read it - well boy am I glad I saw that synopsis.  This is a fantastic read keeping my attention entirely too much - my kids are very thankful I finished so now I can pay attention to them!  The plot moves along quickly and succinctly and the details are so precise I find myself picturing the story as if I had been there myself.  While some parts were a bit more risque than I normally read it is a circus book and they really weren't too bad.  My grandmother cannot wait to discuss the book with me as she has some questions after seeing the movie - I am sure I can answer some but as with all books turned movie it will be interesting to see what is the same and what is not.  Highly recommend this book to anyone interested and eagerly await the time to read another Sarah Gruen book.

Happy Reading,

Ash Of All Trades


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