Our Favorite Baby/Toddler Authors

We are book fanatics - anyone who knows us or who has been to our home would be able to tell you this! Shelves upon shelves fill our home and we have tons of kids books but I really wanted to point out our five favorite authors for kids from birth through oh I don't know my husband's age!  But seriously these are books that are good for the younger ones (infant, toddler, preschool) but also keep my four year olds attention (I will do a post later for preschool aged books).

1. Eric Carle - We love Eric Carle Books for their simple illustrations with vivid colors.  Their text invites even the smallest children to learn the soothing sounds of mom or dad's voice.  I don't think my girls will outgrow these books as I certainly have not. All of his books are classic!

2. Olivier Dunrea - Follow Dunrea's goslings through simple plots involving all things toddler.  My girls adore these books for their simplicity and pure innocent even messy fun.  The girls love hearing about Gossie & Gertie over and over again!

3. Amy Rosenthal - These tales mocking normal parental rules are definitely hilarious and have invoked many a giggle fest.  If you really put emphasis into reading the book with gusto the crazy sound effects will delight even the youngest child.  As they get older the kids will *hopefully* make comments about the silly rules the parents of these books have!

4. Margaret Wise Brown - These book are simple and to the point, their pencil drawings and everyday story lines are very soothing to children. Most kids love routine and are frightened by new things - these books bring that familiarity to a story and also provide great discussion topics based upon the drawings or the responses in Goodnight Moon.  While my husband says they are boring my girls absolutely adore these books!

5. Happy Baby Books - A great costco find by my sister in law our girls have loved these books from the minute their received them.  Even Little C who wasn't much of a reader before now would sit through the book.  With simple photographs and no plot (a true learning style book) the girls were able to start identifying different things and "reading" the books on their own.  They are so simple the kids loved that they could tell me what was coming next and really enhanced their confidence with books!

Happy Reading,
Ash of All Trades


  1. Have you read Ish? One of my favorites! ~Lachmi

  2. Lachimi - no I haven't read Ish we will have to check it out at the library and pending the girls approval put it on our book list. Thanks for the recommendation!


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