Garden Pictures

Wahooo - Spring Weather is finally here and we finished our yard (as in the ground is all covered and there are only cosmetic preferences we want to add).  Without further ado our yard!

Girls Swing Set

Love Seats & Berries in Pots

Gardening Boxes

More Boxes

Our Fruit Trees

Stepping Stones - Corn Box

Cantaloupe & Pumpkin Area

BBQ & Eating Area w/Tomato Plants

Slider & Tomatoes


Artichokes & Strawberries

We also have two side yards one with trash cans / storage bins and one with a shed, playhouse, picnic table.  We LOVE our backyard and spend ours out there each day.  Buying a home out here with a yard was one of the best decisions we have made.


Ash of All Trades


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