Mother's Day Gift Idea

Every year for Mother's Day we make our mom's photo books of the best photos from the last year!  They both tell me they love the books and have asked for them each year (so nope not ruining a surprise).  I use to print these books (but please download it through a link on Costco's Photo Center as it saves a ton)!  They frequently run a great promotion where you can get their bestseller book with unlimited pages for $35 + shipping.  Going to go finish my mother in laws book right now!

Ash of All Trades

PS One tip is rather than finding each picture off your camera or hard drive -set up a new folder on your desktop copy the pictures you want into it and then upload them to mypublisher - you will save yourself a lot of time!


  1. what a great idea ash!! i might have to steal this one.

  2. So glad you like the idea - I am going to try to do a $20 giftcard give away to mypublisher next week!


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