Butter Bell

We have made the switch folks - no more margarine in this household!  I grew up with margarine and loved it but with all of the recent research indicating the more natural a product is the better it is for our body I made a decision to switch to butter (and oh boy is my dad - an all butter guy - happy!). 

Honestly though I had a huge hesitation - my kids love toast and grilled cheese where you spread the butter (or in our case margarine) all over them.  Let's just say that I was horrible at remembering to pull the butter out to soften to make these types of foods.  Enter a great invention one which I was introduced to by my in laws who then bought me my own:

Seriously you add 1/3 cup water to the bottom.  Place one stick of butter (slightly softened) into the top and it will keep for 30 days.  We do change the water every 3-4 days but no more hard butter to cut for toast.  The best part is the girls love it and after having margarine again for the first time in a while I can tell you it tastes processed to me now!  Eek how did I live on that stuff - oh yea it was good. 

Hope you will consider the switch if your only delay has been how to have soft "butter" and if not totally cool I will even eat your margarine if I come over!

Ash of All Trades


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